Careers at Nogdawindamin

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Join a growing and dynamic organization offering rewarding careers, competitive salaries, benefits, pension and a great work environment for individuals committed to making a difference.

Nogdawindamin Family and Community Services has been in operation for over 25 years. We are committed to providing a barrier-free work environment in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act and the Ontario Human Rights Code. Accommodations are available upon request for candidates taking part in the recruitment process.


Meet Some Of the team

Karen headshot


"The Agency supports and encourages self-care for all staff. For example, one time, we had a competition to encourage staff to quit smoking. As part of the incentive we had prizes... staff, if they joined, had a payroll deduction and the money gathered went to the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes. I happened to be the winner at the time and it has been about 16 years of being smoke free. We all supported each other for living a healthier lifestyle."     - Karen

Mary headshot


"I've been with Nogdawindamin for just over 3 years now and I've found the Agency to be very supportive when it comes to issues that need to be discussed. They are open to suggestions as well. The Culture is the driving force of the Agency. Nogdawindamin's Cultural Program expands in all aspects of the Agency and it can be viewed as the Tree of Life, the Culture of the Agency."     - Mary

Danielle Burla


"NFCS is holistic and has the best interest of everyone in mind. It is a true pleasure being a part of the family's success. When a family is receiving services, they may have 3+ workers helping them, ensuring there is no service gap. Being a part of a multidisciplinary team means less burn-out as there is shared responsibility. There is also a tremendous amount of room to grow both in training and within positions."    - Danielle

Leanna Valiquette


"I like working for Nogdawindamin in my role as the Manager of Legal Services because I am part of a team that challenges the colonialist ideology of mainstream child welfare and court system."   

- Leanna

Lexie Hope


"Nogdawindamin is an employer of choice be­cause it has allowed me to grow professionally. completed my Social Work Degree from Lauren­tian University and started working at Nog­dawindamin a few months after. I have now been working at Nogdawinda min for a little over a year as a Case Aide where I observed all the amazing programs NFCS has to offer and was given multi-pie training opportunities. This lead me to my new position as a Family Services Clinician."    - Lexie

Melissa Bob


"I love working here. Where else can I bring my clients to help their own self-care by beading, or getting their spirit names or even attending work-shops with them to help them grow as a person. It's an awesome experience and I love doing it. "   - Melissa

Rod Aubertin


"We are Family and the goal for the staff at Nogdawindamin is to improve the future of our children.
We strive to teach our children culture and provide the tools to assist them in the journey through life. "    - Rod

Sara McCabe


"What I love the most about working with Nogdawindamin is being able to work within my home community once again. The opportunity to work with my people and with other First Nation families along the North Shore has been high on my priority list. I love being an active part of my community, the surrounding First Nations and within my culture as a whole. The opportunities that Nogdawindamin provides for their employees to gain cultural teachings, to participate in cultural ceremonies and to gain a better understanding, knowledge and practice with our language and culture is one of the most valuable, honourable and precious aspects of working here. "   - Sara

Shirley Gilpin


"I love working at Nogadawindamin because of the incorporation of First Nation Culture into our person centred programs and services. Not only do the individuals who access our services receive Cultural teachings/services, but the staff do as well, by having the opportunity to attend Cultural Gatherings, having access to support from Elders and incorporating Culture into our team meetings. "    - Worker