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Behavioural Therapy Model Program

Program Description 

The goal of the program is to provide culturally-based behavioural services to members (or affiliates) of the Seven First Nations along the North Shore, both on and off reserve, who meet eligibility criteria. Service is offered to clients in their communities, schools, and homes.   

Children and youth may require support in the areas of adaptive skills, school readiness skills, communication skills, decreasing maladaptive behaviour, sleep hygiene, coping/anxiety, social skills, and play skills.  Treatment plans are individualized, flexible, family-driven, and designed around the medicine wheel to ensure that the overall health of the client is considered. 

Treatment/ Supports 

Treatment and supports may be provided at the location of the family’s choice.  For example, clients’ home, school, community, or Nogdawindamin office space. 

Treatment times are flexible to the clients’ needs.  For example, if a client requires support with bedtime routines, Behavioural Therapists will accommodate this service goal by providing after-hour support within the home.  

We offer individual and group programming depending on the individual needs of the client.  

Treatment goals are family-driven and each Behavioural Support Plan is individualized to the clients’ needs. 

Parent/Caregiver - Coaching 

Parent/caregiver-coaching is a vital component of Nogdawindamin’s Behavioural Model Program.   

Behavioural Therapists empower parents/caregivers through teaching behavioural strategies to support with various areas of the clients’ well-being.  

Behavioural Therapists can build upon parent/caregiver skill-set, build parent/caregiver confidence, and transfer skills to parents/caregivers in aims to decrease the need for therapist support.   

Service Eligibility 

  • Client is a member/affiliate of the Seven First Nations along the North Shore. 

  • Client has been provided with a clinical recommendation for Applied Behaviour Analysis Therapy by a medical and/or psychological professional.   

  • Client has an approved Jordan’s Principle submission for Applied Behaviour Analysis. 

  • Services may be extended to parents seeking support in areas that support their family’s well-being (e.g. parenting coaching). 

Culture is the heart of the Behavioural Model Program.  Treatment plans are focused around the medicine wheel and children, youth, and families are provided with opportunities to connect with their cultural identity. Close collaboration with the Cultural Services team is encouraged throughout treatment duration.