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Nogdawindamin is a multi-service agency that includes Child Protection.  Nogdawindamin became a designated Child Protection Agency April 1, 2017, mandated through the Child, Youth and Family Services Act (CYFSA) of the Province of Ontario. We are required by law to observe the procedures, regulations, and standards consistent with the legislation as directed by the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services (MCCSS).  We work towards positive outcomes that result in the safety, permanency, and well-being of Aboriginal children.

Nogdawindamin offers strength-based and child focused service delivery while providing a holistic service model to promote the spiritual, physical, emotional and mental well-being of children and caregivers.  culturally appropriate services during all phases of service delivery.  Band representatives are included in all stages of planning and service delivery.


Nogdawindamin telephone screeners field calls from individuals who have concerns regarding a child or children.  The screeners record the information and in consultation with their supervisor, determine whether the information meets eligibility for a child welfare assessment or can be managed utilizing supports from internal programs or community-based programs via a Community Link opening.  Examples of internal supports include and are not limited to; neonatal, family wellbeing, children’s mental health, and adult mental health.

Intake & Assessment and Ongoing Child Welfare

If the concerns meet eligibility for an assessment, an Investigation and Assessment worker will be assigned to meet with the family.  Nogdawindamin believes in least intrusive intervention and that it is important to keep families together.  Nogdawindamin involves extended family and community to assist in the assessment and to offer services and supports to decrease the risk of harm to the children.  Safety planning is inclusive with the families, extended family and community supports.  

In situations where risk of harm exists, further planning involves an ongoing Child Welfare Worker to provide ongoing support until child welfare intervention is no longer needed.  

Nogdawindamin promotes children remaining with their parents.  In situations where this is not possible due to the presence of severe risk and all other intervention does not mitigate the risk, action may be taken to bring the children to a place of safety, Nogdawindamin explores all options including kinship care, customary care, and placement in an Alternative Care home with the intention of reunification where viable. 

Great effort is made to work voluntarily with families.  In the event a family does not wish to work voluntarily with Nogdawindamin or in situations to protect the rights of the parent, court involvement may be initiated.  


Nogdawindamin has an access team to assist with facilitating access in a positive setting should alternative access be possible.  Nogdawindamin’s access promotes elements of therapeutic access with an aim to strengthen skills of the parents and meet set goals that are determined with the parents.