Expectations of Home Assessment

All potential AC homes must go through a Home Assessment and application process which includes: 

- Criminal Reference check and Vulnerable Sector Screening. 

- Children’s Aid Society Record Check Full Disclosure. 

- Interviews and Assessments – including medical reports and personal references. 

- Every individual in the home over the age of 18 years, must consent to a Criminal Record Check. 

- If an individual has been charged, the nature of the criminal history will be assessed, length of time without charges, etc.  A criminal record does not necessarily mean an AC Home applicant will be refused. If an applicant’s name appears on the Child Abuse Registry or has a history of sexual/physical offences, this may prevent a home from being approved depending on a case-by-case review.  

- Past involvement with Children’s Aid Societies is also assessed for nature of involvement, how long ago involvement occurred. 

A Home Assessment Committee decides if the home assessment will be approved. The committee includes Protection and Resource Managers, AC Supervisors, AC workers, other Nogdawindamin staff from various departments.