Monday, May 03, 2021

Children's Mental Health Week

Week long Activities

Random Acts of Kindness

This Children’s Mental Health Week theme explores developing Harmony and Balance for our mental health and wellness and we’re exploring Kindness as one way to support and enhance our sense of harmony and balance- Kindness recognizes that the needs of us and others are worthy of attention and actions to meet those needs in meaningful ways.
Whether for self, close family and friends, others in our community, or our planet- Kindness is our spirit of helpfulness, and generosity in action without expecting anything in return. It can be simple, free and positive- healthy for the body and mind when giving and receiving in a balanced way. Kindness increases self-esteem, empathy, compassion, enhances mood, decreases stress, increases our sense of connectivity and strengthens our social supports and relationships. It is contagious and boosts our sense of satisfaction and well-being and our sense of community and united humanity. Kindness has a built-in reward- the pleasure of feeling useful, helpful- good for the sake of goodness- and helps us to see how we are similar. We hope that you will join us this Children’s Mental Health Week to participate and share in our Kindness journey with ideas and activities, inspirations, stories and lived experiences.

  • Day One (Tuesday) Kindness to Yourself

  • Day Two (Wednesday) Kindness to Others

  • Day Three (Thursday) Giving and Receiving Kindness- A Loving Kindness Mindfulness Practice (pre-recorded)

  • Day Four (Friday) Kindness to Animals

  • Day Five (Saturday) Kindness to the Earth

Scavenger Hunt
Week-long Scavenger Hunt and DIY Nature Crafts posted throughout the week. Chances to win gift cards with photo submission!

CMH week may 3 - 9 2021


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